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"Reverend Falls is a wonderful story about pain, trust, and acknowledging your true identity."
Reverend Falls
A famous reverend struggles with his hidden orientation, so he pays a visit to a couple who has already gone through the pain of coming out.
Bill Barrett
Our lead character "Gary" is played by Bill Barrett. Being an accomplished athlete, Bill knows about focus and being prepared, and it shows in his acting. A student of the Meisner technique, Bill seeks to make his characters as rich and realistic as possible. You may be familiar with Bill's work on Tyler Perry's The Oval, where he plays Max Carter.
Dylan Cheek
Our character “Connor" is played by Dylan Cheek. Not only a film actor, Dylan is established in television and as a solid theater presence in Atlanta. Dylan is a cornucopia of talent, although we couldn’t take advantage of his amazing dance skills in this film.
Bryan Justin
Our enigmatic character “Flea" is played by the talented actor Bryan Justin. In addition to acting, Bryan is well-known around Atlanta as an accomplished dancer, choreographer, model, and singer. Bryan has shared the stage with several major recording artists and rappers. 
Kimberly Maxwell
Our insightful character “Anna" is played by Kimberly Maxwell. Kimberly has extensive experience in film, theater, as well as recurring roles on television series. A never-ending source of energy, Kimberly is known to shine at sketch comedy and improv acting. An avid hiker and climber, Kimberly sees no challenge as too big.
Stuart Williams
Our character “Bradley" is played by Stuart Williams. Although having experience with several film and theater roles, Stuart is an ongoing student of the Strasberg technique under mentor Jayson Warner Smith in Atlanta. Stuart is an accomplished musician, classically trained singer, and a voiceover artist as well.
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