"Red Necks is a heartwarming film about racism, prejudice, and hope for humanity."
Red Necks
A humble Asian man shows up in redneck country and is greeted with outright racism, but by putting aside differences and choosing common ground, he makes a new friend and ally.
Tom T. Tran
Our lead character "Mister Swan" is played by Tom T. Tran. Tom is an experienced film, television, and voiceover actor based out of Chicago. Tom’s most famous role was playing Tuan in the feature film "Good Morning, Vietnam", starring alongside Robin Williams and Forest Whitaker. Fun fact: Tom was only 18 when he filmed GMVN.
Brad Brinkley
Our co-lead character “Alvin" is played by Brad Brinkley. Brad’s solid performing skills are rooted in his many years of experience in theater, film, and television. Brad is also known for his freelance work as a voice, dialect, and acting coach in the metro Atlanta area.
Jayson Warner Smith
Our character “Judd" is played by the talented actor Jayson Warner Smith. Jayson is extremely versatile and has a literal lifetime of experience in theater, film, and television. Currently residing in the Atlanta area, Jayson is also a dedicated instructor in the Strasberg method of acting.
Dylan Cheek
Our colorful character “J.D." is played by Dylan Cheek. Not only a film actor, Dylan is established in television and as a solid theater presence in Atlanta. Dylan is a cornucopia of talent, although we couldn’t take advantage of his amazing dance skills in this film.

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